When my son first started in your school, he was shy, nervous, had trouble focusing and lacked self-confidence. For a child that really had no interest in sports persay, I felt martial arts would be perfect for him. Two years later I know I was right. A lot of people told me that it was very "disciplined" and James may be more nervous but I quickly realized that in this school, it should be more appropriately called "encouragement". I feel that you tailor your teaching to each individual child. That they are not taught to BE the best but to do YOUR personal best to be the best YOU can be. A lesson these days that is a very valuable one.

James has enjoyed working with all the instructors and made many new friends. He also enjoys the "extra" fun activities that you offer outside of class. I've had friends that go to other schools tell me they wish THEIR school did things like that for the kids. I have stayed for EVERY class my son has gone to and I've enjoyed watching him grow. Thank you for being a positive role model in his life. I look forward to seeing him grow into a positive role model as well with the help of you, your school and Taekwondo.

Rose Eggleston,

Middle schoolers just want to fit in with their peers. They want to dress like everyone else, act like everyone else and look like everyone else. Our son is adopted from another country, so he is clearly a minority in his school. He is often the recipient of cruel kid comments, which make him feel inferior—until he steps out onto the Tae Kwon Do mat. In this arena, he is treated with kindness and dignity, and he has earned the respect of his teachers and fellow martial artists. He has learned self-discipline and the satisfaction of hard work. We are so grateful we found Master Esposito and Capital Northeast Martial Arts.

Shelly C.,

After our children attending Taekwondo class for almost three years, my biggest fear is gone. Research indicates that Asian Americans suffer the most bullying at schools. As a mom from Chinese background, I had great concerns that our children might become bully victims. Taekwondo class alleviates my worries not because it teaches my children how to fight, but because it empowers them by promoting self-confidence and teaches them how to avoid confrontation.
This is a conversation that occurred last night at the dinner table. Our children were talking about a bullying situation happened on the school bus. We asked them, “If somebody approached you and wanted to get you into trouble, what would you do?” Our second-grade daughter said, “Mr. Esposito told us that if somebody wants to fight, instead of doing this [she shows us a fighting stance], you should do this [she put her both hands up to indicate surrender]. You fight until you have to…” This is one of the many occasions we get to learn Mr. Esposito’s wise words from our children.
Mr. Esposito is the owner of the Capital Northeast Martial Arts class. He has good business marketing strategies, but above all, he is a great educator. One day, an instructor was using the analogy of an A+ doctor and a B- doctor to encourage the students to be good Taekwondo players. Mr. Esposito used this moment to explain to the children that putting forth the best effort is what makes one excellent.
If you want to give your children one of the greatest gifts in life—enroll them in the Capital Northeast Martial Arts Class. It will be one of your best investments in life.

Mei Zhou,

We are so thrilled with the change in our son, Nicholas since he started attending Capital Northeast Marital Arts six months ago. He has received a large boost of self-confidence that he really needed.
Master Esposito has a way of building the child up with praise and encouragement, yet he challenges them to continually set their standards a bit higher each time.
If Nicholas is discouraged or even not behaving appropriately, we simply remind him what Master Esposito says about always maintaining a 'Black Belt Attitude' and he changes for the better. It works every time!

Thank you so much Master Esposito, and everyone at Capital Northeast Martial Arts!

The Bivona Family ,