Our family has been part of Capital Northeast Martial Arts for the last 7 years. We chose it because it is a tae kwon do school where every child is respected, valued, and supported and where Master Esposito and his instructors build martial arts skills and physical fitness in a fun, caring, and safe environment. Both our children started as Little Dragons. Today, our 11-year old daughter is getting close to achieving her 2nd degree Black Belt and our 6-year old son is eagerly working towards his Green Belt. As a mother and an educational psychologist, I know the importance of finding your child a hobby that values learning, effort, perseverance, acceptance of differences, and friendships. Our family has found all that and more at Capital Northeast Martial Arts.

Heta Miller,

My oldest son Luke began at Capital Northeast when he was 4 years old. Our goal in enrolling him in Tae Kwan Do was to expose him to an individual sport; we knew that his years would have so many opportunities for team sports, but we felt it was important for him to know how to achieve athletic goals on his own, using only his skill and ability.

That was four and a half years ago, and there were more days than not that I had to drag him to the school, sometimes even dragging him out onto the mats. All that has changed and today he is a high brown belt, competing in tournaments and a member of the Black Belt Club. He assists in the Little Dragon's class that his younger brother is now a part of. Luke is confident in himself and his ability, he is always practicing his patterns, kicks and punches and truly cannot wait for each of his opportunities to be at the school, whether he's assisting or learning. He tells us that Tae Kwan Do is "right up his ally"; we really believe him!

Dendi Hodorowski,

My son really didn't care about sports until he was invited to take a class Capital Northeast Martial Arts. My son is deaf and hard of hearing, so it is difficult at times for him to understand or catch all the information that is being said. At Capital Northeast Martial Arts all the masters and black belts were more than willing to take a little extra time to help him. My son has competed in many tournaments and has competed twice at the AAU Nationals and will be going again this year. He will be a black belt come this September. It is my opinion that Capital Northeast Martial Arts is the best school in the area and would not send my son anywhere else. I would like to thank all the masters and black belts that have helped my son learn and practice all the tenants of Tae Kwon Do. He has more confidence now then the day we walked into Capital Northeast Martial Arts.

Chris Mazone,

I am the proud parent of four children actively engaged in tae kwon do. My children's experiences range from yellow belt to impending black belt. My experience at Capital Northeast Martial Arts started with one child approximately 4 years ago. Over time, I've seen my son mature with each tae kwon do tenet experienced including confidence, respect, physical abilities, mental fortitude amongst others. The experience gained and lessons taught at Capital Northeast Martial Arts is difficult to achieve in other forms of activities. The decision to enroll my other three children on this incredible mental and physical journey was an easy one.

The positive transformation and ongoing maturity in my children is often noticed by other parents, teachers and friends in our community. I frequently recommend Capital Northeast Martial Arts and tae kwon do in general to other parents and colleagues. I'm excited to continue appreciating my children's ongoing journey.

Ken M.,